Birthday Parties

Aim4Fun Party Central !

Aim4Fun offers two different packages to meet your party needs. These packages are perfect for a birthday or any other occasion.

Package 1 includes the use of the party room and shooting gallery for two hours.  Each child in the party receives two jars of airsoft beads and the birthday boy/girl receives a special gift!  Package 1 is $15 per child.

Package 2 includes everything in Package 1 plus party tablecloths, plates, napkins, forks, two slices of pizza, and one juice box for each child.  Let us take care of the major details of your party, so you can sit back and enjoy!  Package 2 is $22 per child.

We can accommodate up to 20 party goers and keep pace with 12 air-softers at a time on the shooting gallery firing line. While your tykes are popping bubbles and knocking over the moving targets they will be well supervised by trained safety officers to ensure that all of your guests have a blast of safe fun!

To reserve your party please call or email us, and the birthday party coordinator will be happy to assist you!

To properly ensure that you have a reservation we require a 50% deposit be made the time of the reservation. All reservations can be made over the phone and a credit card offered as payment, in person at the Gallery, or by Email. If you are going to do the Email it may take an extra day to confirm your date and time as we do not work on Sundays.